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 Pro-Dyno in Feb '12 5.0 Mustang Issue

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PostSubject: Pro-Dyno in Feb '12 5.0 Mustang Issue   Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:30 pm

If you don't have a subscription to 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, get one! If you do, check out page 76 of the Feb 2012 issue and you'll see a recent Pro-Dyno build entitled "NEW LIFE: PRO-DYNO BUMPS UP THE HORSEPOWER ON A RETIRED MUSTANG SPEC RACER." The article follows Roger McQueens Miller Cup Mustang FR500S and the journey from race car status to weekend track car. McQueen entrusted his new racecar to Pro-Dyno to help bump the power up on this n/a build with a set of good modifications. With heads, intake, tb, custom ground cams, and a cai, we were able to gain 47hp in the 6500rpm range, which will be greatly noticed out on the track! Check the article out, and see what all Pro-Dyno did to this awesome race car!

Car: 2007 Miller Cup Mustang FR500S
Owner: Roger McQueen
Modifications & Tune Done By: Pro-Dyno

-Ford Racing CNC-ported 3V Heads
-Ford Racing 3V Intake
-Ford Racing 66m TB
-Comp Cams custom grind camshafts
-JLT Cold Air Intake

-Previous: 299hp 316tq
-After Mods: 342hp 325tq

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Pro-Dyno in Feb '12 5.0 Mustang Issue
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